Insha-Holz-Heilerin“There is an art of healing where you put chakra chrytsals into the chakras. What is the meaning of the chakra healing crystals in the healing spring of the crystal pyramid?”

Creation as it is known today, and as we have experienced it through many incarnations, is based on the rainbow cycle. In each era there were select aspects of creation in the foreground and the human being was able to change and develop within its consciousness. At present we have reached the Age of Aquarius and its time quality is to unfold in Love and truth. The different qualities such as Love and truth are the energies in the healing spring as chakra crystals.

The chakra crystals have the light frequencies of different creation aspects of the rainbow cycle. Within the chakra crystals is the basic force of creation. Human beings are able to express creation through the energy of the chakra crystals.

Each era has its own qualities. With the seven chakra crystals human beings are able express their creation no matter the parameters of the time they live in. The parallel workings of each creation level are supported through the chakra crystals. In the ascending Age of Aquarius human beings can encounter themselves in a new depth. In other eras this was not possible in this quality. Crystallization of the chakras enables the body to access its subtle levels. Chakra crystals are the key to consciousness on the body level, so you may manifest into your wholeness. The whole creation comes out of the chakra crystal light essence.

Through the chakra crystals we are connected to the essence of our being as well as to all creation. All important impulses flow through us and make it possible for us to heal, transform and let old traumas go.

A body that is freshly crystallized through chakra crystals must bring all old issues and blockades to peace. Then the chakra crystals have the opportunity to unfold their full potential in the body.

Light flows unhindered through your somatic cells when the chakra crystals unfold their power potential. The somatic cells are flooded with creation impulses and the body gets the chance to change its metabolism from one that is based on carbon to one that is crystalline. The structures of the cells as well as all metabolic products will bloom in a new purity, a new brilliance and a new porosity of light.

The body crystals are so pure, that they can not be stained from outside. Nothing can stick to a pure light translucent body. Beauty shines out of itself. Chakra crystals are the essence of crystallization as they connect the human being with many levels and the impulse of creation with ourselves. Prerequisites include the elimination of blockades. If the human being is not ready to let old structures go and heal them, the pure chakra light may not flow into the body. There are often areas in the body that block the transformation of the being’s consciousness and its body. Your own will has an important influence on the crystallization. Human beings who are afraid or who are not able to let things go won’t reach this level of crystallization.