The ancient knowledge of the elders and the development of crystallization

The prophecy of human crystallization was made in Atlantic times. The reason was that there was no more hope for the light. But it was clear that after an uncertain length of time a new era would dawn on the world and all connected worlds. The high council of spiritual masters had met for the last time in Atlantis. It consisted of representatives from various traditions, different religious orientations, different spiritual and temporal levels. The council met in secret. During that meeting there was devotion and silence. Long periods of silence interrupted gentle and careful conversation. Everybody in that room knew that they met there in this special constellation for the very last time. Everybody knew that each spoken word had historical meaning, as it developed the new creation in the unknown future time.

The room was flooded with silence and devotion. The council of spiritual masters had taken the knowledge of crystallization and light knowledge away from earth in a common ritual. They put it into a sealed sheltered level. Stored there the knowledge was not accessible to anyone. Even for conscious and spiritually high-vibrant humans this sealed level was not accessible.

The last meeting of the spiritual masters in Atlantis

Human beings are going to experience not only a change in consciousness, but also a change in their biology through their evolution. Consciousness and biology will be connected. A human being would not experience higher levels of consciousness detached from its body. The body has to change its vibration on its way to enlightenment to carry this new creation and to let the impulses of light flow into it.

The possibility of potential expansion through crystallization had been already applied in Lemuria. In Lemurian times they worked intensively with crystalline structures. The light of the crystals was a important source of energy and served as a spiritual memory. The Lemurian forms of crystalline awareness were further developed over the ages and experienced their golden age in Atlantis. But this development of crystallization over time culminated at that final meeting of the spiritual masters in Atlantis.

In this aforementioned final ritual the richness of a longtime development was removed from earth. The vision was born that when humankind could open their hearts again, this knowledge would return to earth and become available again. Which means that the humans would be willing to live love and be in contact from heart to heart again. Only in times when humankind is able to build up a community carried by Love would the crystalline knowledge establish itself once more. The end of the Atlantic era was characterized by war and destruction. Manipulation and intrigue of those in power defeated Love and Peace. Power paired with egoism and highest technological knowledge are very dangerous. There in Atlantis all premises were given, that big waves of destruction descended on earth. For the sake of humankind it was important that the knowledge of technical knowhow as well as crystallization were taken away from earth. The knowledge vanished over a few generations. Oblivion needed time, so that all information could escape from the conscious memory of earth and humankind.

Insha-Holz-Heilerin„Indigenous peoples also talk about the crystallization of human beings and go to holy places to invite crystallization into the body. This is different from the healing priests method. The healing priests work within the subtle and body levels to activate crystallization with the help of the planets. What is the reason for the difference between these two methods?“

The last meeting of the spiritual masters of Atlantis led to the extinction of their knowledge. What remained was the memory of the memory of a prophecy, which fades from the world over time. Highly spiritual human beings could sense a breath of it. That is where the indigenous people belong, as they stayed connected to their ancestors and the spiritual levels. Within the shelter of these peoples, hope could be preserved that the fulfillment of prophecy would take place someday and all connected to it would find its return. Only a few are acquainted with the memory of the memory of the prophecy. Human beings who carry the knowledge within, because they incarnated in Atlantis as healers, spiritual masters or responsibility bearers, are counted among them.

In Atlantis spiritual knowledge and the knowledge of the cosmic order were natural. The healing priests had their golden age within the atlantic time. They explored and practiced crystalline knowledge on human beings. It was normal for the healing priests, and that is why they stayed humble. Observers of many shamanic and spiritual traditions can understand the effect of crystallization on human beings or even experience it on themselves, but they have never practiced it. That is were the disagreements come from when talking about the crystallization of human beings.