„We have noticed a powerful change in the subtle healing levels since 2014. Really striking is, that the healing energies have a stronger impact and that new knowledge pours in from of the spiritual levels. The crystallization of human beings has been on our minds since 2005. Many healers have walked this path of crystallization with its high vibrations and they learned this skill. In the last years we only had a vague idea about the potential of crystallization and it was not easy to trust the visions we had, which we had again and again.“


The immediate effect of a crystallized body is its radiant power, the higher light transmission and the prevention of diseases. But crystallization is much more than that. It causes a change of consciousness on various levels, which leads to a new relation of being human in its earthly and spiritual surroundings and skills. In the last years we had a slight idea of the crystallization’s potential and we worked on it to let it become reality. Now we feel that the reality of crystallization has come within reach. In October 2015 we started several Akashic Readings and we were able to get new insights and we saw new connections concerning crystallization. A few matters were already known but some were brand new for us. We had structured our readings chronologically in diary form and after that we transcribed them. We tried not to change the texts and to give them to you as pure as possible, so that they may reach you in their fullest energy and power without being filtered.


Next, the Akashic information, in which we will give you our insights and experiences and show you how to prepare for crystallization.


Light consciousness of the earthly body

Crystallization: what does it mean? What is meant by it? Can you explain it?

The healers of Insha’s Academy have been trained in this advanced method of healing and expansion of consciousness since 2005. After each training I noticed an enormous change in each participant. Completely happy human beings stood in front of me, like completely new.

Their words were: “I arrived within myself. It is the first time in my whole lifetime that I can say I see myself.” or “This training is a must for all the people who not only want to help others, but who want to be closer to themselves.”

Despite the immense success of the healers’ experience as well as the great feedback, it was not easy for me to describe crystallization with only words. But recently pictures are getting clearer and words are coming to me to give you an understanding of this wonderful work.

Not long ago I crystallized the body of a friend who is around 60 years old. A few days later a young woman contacted me who knows him. She was absolutely fascinated by his
charisma and youthful aura, which is around him now. She wanted to book me right on the spot.

This experience and the new insights from our crystal healing training prompted Joshua and I to read in the Akashic, the cosmic library, to ask for more information and explanations. This is what this page is about./p>

But first a glimpse into the practice:

What is the healer doing during crystallization?

He starts by scanning the body and the organs with his third eye. This is what heal- priests II learned in their training and that brings the first insight. In most cases the organs don’t have a connection with (or an awareness of) other organs, in their initial form before crystallization. Each organ seems spiritually isolated and works for itself. It does not know that there are other organs and the body’s boundaries are the end of its world.

Initially during the time of Atlantis, our organs were tuned into the the cosmic light connections of the planets. They worked as light organs, to manage the light process of the whole body. Our whole body was connected to the planets and was ONE with everything.

You have to prepare the organs by cleaning and detoxing them so that they are able take over another vibration and crystallization.

That is when the healer takes the organ energetically out of the body with all his LOVE (the energetic hole is very notable for the healer) and, in contact with the holy sources of the Divine Mother, the Insha healers healing level, he cleanses and rinses the organ in a golden light source.

This process alone creates a healing effect as the organ releases old structures and patterns. As it is bathed in light, the healing process prepares the organ to expand its consciousness over its previous body boundaries.

Many more healing steps are needed until the new light of the organ fills the whole aura and reaches the space where it wasn’t present before. Then at that point the karmic structures are released. This is a process that was not possible in the last ten years. Karma had to be lived out and resolved by living it through, that was the only way so far.

But now it is possible to release old structures and patterns by doing this work. The healer who went through all these initiations and crystallizations himself steps into the level where the organ is assigned to its planet. He takes out the light crystals there and implants them. The crystals are made of various love energies in crystallized form.

What can be achieved by organ crystallization?

Here is an example for better understanding: A colleague wasn’t able to eat normal food anymore. Her body rejected food consumption. She got thinner and more and more depleted. We met and I could see that her body could not cope with her spiritual growth. That was why her body refused to eat anything. I crystallized her stomach. After that the pains were gone and she could slowly start to eat again. That was great joy for both of us.
Another colleague had severe cardiac arrhythmia, and here crystallization helped too.

Organs have personalities which re-manifest after crystallization and start to communicate anew, lighting the body like beacon fires. We are also able to crystallize bones, the nervous system, DNA, chakras, energy gates and meridians, elements and cells of the brain, eyes, ears and teeth.

We have had especially great experiences with bones and teeth. Compound fractures healed within an unbelievably short time. Tooth (mis)alignments could be adjusted as the teeth slid to a better position within the jaw and loose teeth grew steadier within the jaw. There are many more examples like this.

In 2014 many new spiritual healing levels opened and crystallization got a very new energy drive. Joshua and I noticed that the treasures could be recovered now. The way of crystallization, which means the higher consciousness of the body and the higher vibration, was now opening for more people.

Can anyone get a crystallization?

You need self-love so that the crystals fall onto fertile ground and the large growth in consciousness can take place. To reach that level of self-love, we offer preparatory trainings and meditations.

What is meant by self-love?

The best preparation is to accept yourself and to love yourself. Even without crystallization it is worth doing. The more self-love we have, the more the body is able to raise its vibration through crystallization.

If there is love, the implanted crystals multiply by themselves. Our whole system is flooded with light and is able to experience being ONE, (with all and everything). The global network of LOVE is established. Illness and disease lose their grip on us and may decline in the future. Shamans out of the old traditions prophesied this for a long time. Light consciousness within the human body, this is fulfillment.

This is our heaven on earth. On the next pages we present you our knowledge which was given to us from the spiritual world on crystallization. We are happy to share this with you.




Crystallization means an absorption of a higher vibration, which is the mastery of the body. The body develops into a light translucent system that absorbs creative impulses and directs these right into the human’s consciousness.

Literally anyone who wants to be in contact with his true self and cosmic task in being human requires light and energy to recognize and accept his true self. Crystallization stands for the active disintegration of physical and energetic blocks through transformation and healing.

Bodily problems caused by the global vibration rise are dissolved with crystallization. The crystalline structures that are needed to crystallize the body are available in the different levels of the universe. Organs, the neural and meridian system, the skeleton and the human genetics are all linked to planets and stars. These levels provide their own light crystals for the body’s crystallization. The light crystals are implanted into the human body. The new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius make it possible to re-feed the body with the human original information in crystalline form. These crystalline energies are stored in the in the planetary structures and this re-feeding leeds to new orientation and healing on all levels. The body gets nurtured with crystalline energies and after being crystallized and is able to renew itself. The body cells remember their ability to regenerate, independent of environmental pollution or other influences.

In addition to the positive physical aspects you are guided on your own path of light through the high influence of light. The spiritual world helps you to remember and support your own light presence. The specific crystalline light structures (crystals) absorb cosmic light impulses and guide them into the body. Intelligence is not a question of mental ability anymore; it is an interaction of various levels of consciousness within and outside the body. The body begins to radiate its awareness and its light, reuniting with the cosmos.

The primordial light, the light of creation, is expressed through your body. Now in this time of the Age of Aquarius, immense powers will be available again through access points opened by working with crystallization.

From Atlantic times to the Age of Aquarius

In the ascending light of the Age of Aquarius bodies begin to change their structure. The light process of the ascending consciousness transforms the material structures of the body into crystalline light structures. These new structures are able to restore the light transport between consciousness and the human being. In Atlantic times the consciousness, body and light were disconnected from one another and couldn’t be experienced in unity anymore. The crystalline structures which were characterized as light in our bodies went out. Now the time is ripe to awaken the crystalline structures of light and consciousness in human bodies again. Nowadays a lot of statements and clinical pictures of the body are due to the fact that body and and light could not be brought into resonance.



Birth of crystalline knowledge in the Golden Age.

Crystals and minerals carry light and store knowledge of former times. More and more crystal knowledge reveals itself and becomes usable for human beings. The crystals want to talk to us. You may go into contact with minerals and crystals when meditating and you may get new precious impulses for your life.



The new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius II – healing priest II

In this training you learn to clear and recognize remaining cause and effect karmic structures in the energetic and physical bodies. These structures can manifest in physical and psychic symptoms. This work needs one’s full devotion. The crystals stay in place and multiply if you soak them with LOVE. It is advisable to practice meditations that strengthen your LOVE so that the crystals grow in your organs and the whole body system.

The knowledge of earthly body crystallization comes from the Divine Mother’s Holy Sources, which you learn in the healing priest II training. The seven Holy Sources carry the main knowledge of crystalline structures and how to work with them in the body. Healing priests also regain special tools that were conveyed in Atlantis. In Atlantis there was a huge crystal pyramid with training rooms in which the priests were prepared for this task. Organs are crystallized so that the causal body gets reconnected to the hyper causal (soul) body, implying that body and soul become ONE again. All organs have to first be cleaned to restore the connection to the light body. Then crystallization is necessary so that the light-communication between the physical body, the energetic body and the star energies may take place again. It accelerates the inner development process and changes your own energy pattern in your body and mind. Crystallization is manifested spirituality in your body.

The purpose of crystallization is the restoration of direct contact between body, soul and mind in lively oneness. It backs up the growth into the new age, accelerates the inner development process and changes your own energy pattern concerning physical vitality, your thought and belief patterns and your spiritual development. It activates the energies on the physical, cellular, atomic and subatomic level. We are well prepared on all levels for everything that may occur. The most important thing is to be in the OM NAMAH SHIVAYA state of mind.


The body crystallization training requires healing and spiritual abilities which were originated in Atlantis. If you want to learn crystallization you have to complete the basic healing priest I training.


3 parts x 7 days each


5.640,00 Euro
Data: please go in touch with Insha Holz, insha@insha.org

Main Points:

Part I:
Clearing and recognizing karmic patterns in the aura and body – they often manifest with physical, psychic or clinical symptoms.

Part II:
You learn about the source of crystalline structures and how they function. They will be activated in this sequence.

Part III:
The new and crystalline structures according to the Age of Aquarius are initiated and adjusted. The body is prepared for its ascending light process.